St Helier Boat Owners Association Photo credit Jason Masterman - Elizabeth Marina D pontoon.
  St Helier Boat Owners Association                                                Photo credit Jason Masterman - Elizabeth Marina D pontoon. 

St Helier Boat Owners Associations

Welcome to the St Helier Boat Owners Association website


The Association has been running since 1990 & exists to represent the interests of boat owners who keep their craft in St Helier, or use its slipways and to provide a point of contact with the Port of Jersey authorities with whom we have good and effective relations. We deal with such diverse issues as: -


  • Marina & harbour traffic lights

  • Problems with pontoons and piles

  • Problems with sills and marina access

  • Mooring & berthing tariffs

  • The need for more holding berths

  • Car parking facilities

  • Issues with dinghies and tenders

  • Marine fuel supplies and cost

  • Moorings in the drying harbours

  • Future development plans for the Port of Jersey including planning applications


The Association is open to all users of Boats in St Helier Harbour, and the annual subscription is very good value, at £10 singe & £16 joint per annum. If any member has issues concerning the Marinas and Harbours around St Helier please get in contact with us, we will do our best to bring these to the attention of Jersey Harbours and get them resolved.


Will Simpson


Recruitment Drive


The larger our membership, the stronger our voice.

Anyone who owns or crews a boat moored, or launched from a slipway in the St Helier harbours is eligible to join.

Why not check if your neighbours are members? If they aren't, direct them to the Downloads page on this website for an application form. The annual subscription is only £10.00 single, £16.00 joint!