St Helier Boat Owners Association Photo credit Jason Masterman - Elizabeth Marina D pontoon.
  St Helier Boat Owners Association                                                Photo credit Jason Masterman - Elizabeth Marina D pontoon. 

Your Committee

If you have any harbour or marina related issues, please do let us know.  Make contact with one of the officers, or any committee member.  We try to monitor facilities regularly, but we can't be everywhere, so your feedback is important.

Will Simpson - Chairman
Owner of: Flying Flynn, Location: La Collette Marina.
Contact: 07797749250 or

Will joined StHBOA in 2012, at committee level & brought a huge amount of calm, logical thinking over issues around the harbour. Will became chairman in 2016 and has been sitting on the Marine Development Group since. 
Will has been sailing since a very early age, and cruised the South & South West of England, as well as Brittany and the Channel Islands in his teens. He defected to motor boating about 18 years ago.

Nick Wood - Vice Chairman
Owner of: Barracuda, Location: Elizabeth Marina.
Contact: 07797786877 or

Nick joined StHBOA in 2009, a keen boater since a young boy. Motor boat and lobster potting are his interest when not running South Pier Marine. Nick is also a member of the Jersey Marine Traders and has sat on the Marine Development Group since 2010. 

Peter Rose - Committee
Owner of: La Rose Sauvage, Location: Elizabeth Marina.
Contact: 07797749522 

I've sailed all my life and enjoyed some great racing, but a number of years ago I went to the dark side, opting for destination rather than journey!, but still enjoy the odd yacht race.

Mike Caparo - Committee
Owner of: Songbird, Location: St Helier Old Harbour.
Contact: 855427


Mike joined the committee in 2020 and looks forward to breathing fresh air into our social calendar. 

I enjoy leisure trips around Jersey and the occasional overnight trip to Carteret and Guernsey.

Kevin Hennelly - Committee
Owner of: Indybar, Location: St Helier Old Harbour.
Contact: 853179


Kevin joined the committee in 2009 and it a valuable member of the team. His long term knowledge of the ports infustructure helps the committee greatly when the need arises. Kevin loves taking his motor boat to France & relaxing in Les Sambue lagoon. 

Christine Gill - Hon Secretary
Owner of: Etoile de Mer
The old harbour.

Contact: 720882

Christine took over at Hon Secretary in 2020 from our long-standing Hon Sec' Peter Donne Davis. Christine brings a great amount of knowledge of Ports and historic agreements.  You might find Christine pottering about in her Orkney 19 in the summer months. 

David Wood - Tresurer
Owner of: Driftwood
Elizabeth Marina


The committee are very grateful to David for bringing the association into the 21st century with our new membership system. David is based in the Elizabeth Marina and fills us in with on goings from where he is moored. The association is very lucky to have an articulate chap, like David in charge of its finances.   

Phil Carter - Committee
Owner of: April Rose
La Collette


Phil is a very active motorboater, most weekends you will find Phil heading out the pier heads to different parts of the Channel Islands. Phil has also just completed a circumnavigation around the UK in aid of Prostate UK. Phil has sat on the general committee for many years and brings with him a wealth of boating knowledge. 

George Gaudin - Committee
Owner of: Kishmro
St Helier Marina


George joined the committee to help us balance our need for some input from yachtsman in St Helier. We enjoy George's outlook and input on the boating scene. He has his ear close to the ground in St Helier Marina, as he is the only committee member based in there. 

Vic Walker - Committee
Owner of: Natasha Alexandra
Old Harbour


Vic has been a boater in Jersey for many years. He keeps his Lochin 33 motor boat in the old harbour. Vic enjoys trips to France, especially, Portbail.