The boat owners' voice for all issues in and around the Harbours and Marinas of St Helier, Jersey.
The boat owners' voice for all issues in and around the Harbours and Marinas of St Helier, Jersey.


2017 Newsletter
The Committee visits the Jersey Coastguard facilities.
Newsletter 2017 Final.pdf
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Newsletter 2016.pdf
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Including a summary of recent General Directions issued by the Harbour Master.
Newsletter 2015.pdf
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Explaining the new VHF procedures in the St Helier VTS area.
Newsletter 2014.pdf
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With a summary of recent local chart updates.
Newsletter 2013.pdf
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With details of the new Inshore Safety Regulations.
Newsletter 2012 v3.pdf
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Describing current mooring works & information on bio diesel.
Newsletter 2011 v2.pdf
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With guest articles on dolphins & a trip to Avranches by RIB.
Newsletter 2010 v2.pdf
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Including details of new legislation affecting pleasure vessels and Nick Wood's history of the Barraques on South Pier.
Newsletter 2009 .pdf
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Including details on the operation of GST for cruising boats and Marie-Louise Backhurst's article about the Old Harbours.
Newsletter 2008.pdf
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